15ml          e 0.5 fl.oz


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Smoothing serum which contains the highly repair and regenerating properties of substances carefully selected and associated. This treatment confers on cutaneous tissues a toning action and visibly improving the firmness of the skin conferring transparency and brightness. It contributes effectively to fight against the slackening of the epidermis, premature skin ageing and formation of wrinkles. All its virtues make an excellent anti-ageing treatment. Suitable for all skin types and more particularly for the mature and devitalized skins. This formulation is based on Anti-Age Hexapeptide, it also reduces the depth of already formed wrinkles, especially around the eyes and the forehead. It further prevents aging of the skin induced by repeated facial movements caused by excessive catecholamine release.

Application : Can be applied daily, morning and/or evening, to thoroughly cleansed skin, with light massage strokes until completely absorbed. Follow with the day or night treatment.


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