200ml e 6.8 fl.oz Hair Care


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A capillary mask is a nourishing, cleaning and repair product. This intense care was formulated to feed and embellish the hair which lost their tonus and their natural shine. Makes look younger hair by restoring them health and shine. Feeds in depth the dry and damaged hair and their fall of the vitality. Ideal to revitalize and reconstruct effectively hair on treaties, and to protect them against the external attacks. Thanks to the presence of the extract of caviar, two combined actions act on your hair and the scalp.A first action (caviar as active ingredient) acts on the regrowth and the stimulation of the hair, slows down the fall. Your hair is stronger, more supplied, the scalp is cleaned up. The second action protects your hair and prevents the degradation of the color, to protect the brightness. Contains: caviar extract, panthenol (provitamin B5), vegetable oil (jojoba and wheat germs), wheat proteins and vitamin E.
Application : the frequency of use varies, according to the problem and the state of the hair, once or twice by week. This care applies to the washed, pressed and disentangled hair and put it in sufficient amount on the lengthes and the points and directly on the scalp. Apply the product, the section by section, by insisting on the parts to be treated. Leave in pose 15-20 minutes by recovering the hair of a hot towel or a plastic bag to multiply tenfold the penetration of the active elements. Then, rinse abundantly.


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